Known for their authentic sounding street lyrics, Clipse made a name for themselves with their street talk, and Pusha T continues the trend with his solo projects.  Speaking about where he got the titles for his latest mixtape and album, King Push says Wrath Of Caine had double meaning, and that My Name Is My Name is simply a reference to how he has established himself in the game. 

Chopping it up with, the Virginia spitta says his latest mixtape title was actually an ode to legendary and revolutionary emcee, Big Daddy Kane, “[The title, as] Always a play on the streetlife...I was recording and came to the conclusion that Big Daddy Kane was better than Rakim.” The G.O.O.D. Music affiliate said the “Caine” spelling was because of his street persona, “to play on the streets, that’s what people attribute to me.”

Before, Pusha Ton has said that the title for his upcoming solo album was borrowed from a line from The Wire’s Marlo Stanfield.  As with his mixtape, he says it has double meaning, and also references how established he is in the game, and the clout his name holds, “At this point you don’t even gotta listen to me...but my name is my name, so you know what you’re getting from me, period.”