Pusha T finally released his debut album this year, but it hasn't stopped people asking about another Clipse project. In a new interview with Zane Lowe, the GOOD music rapper spoke of the current status of the duo, his brother's hesitations, and Kanye West and Pharell's offers to craft the album.

As far as his feelings on making a new Clipse album, Pusha was all for it. "Man, I would really love to," he said, but confirmed that No Malice was not in the zone for the project just yet. "My brother is really on his mission right now."

Push then shared a few instances where Clipse reunions could have happened, but No Malice expressed that he wasn't ready. "We had the tenth anniversary of Lord Willin." he said. "30 dates, needless to say, high dollar. Two weeks to go my brother was like 'nah I don't wanna do it. I'm off that I'm on my mission right now.'"

Outside of the planned tour, the rapper revealed that his brother also refused to appear at a big festival gig. "I had to do Coachella, I'm like 'yo, I'd love to bring you out'. He's like 'alright, what songs you wanna do?' You know me, I wanna do 'Keys Open Doors'... He's like 'nah I'm not really feeling that'."

Pusha made it clear that he's not the only one behind the idea of a reunion, either. "On top of those scenarios, you've got Pharell saying 'when you ready, let's go,' said Push, who recalled Skateboard P's plan of making a Speakerboxxx/The Love Below type project. "'I think we should do a two sided [album],'" said Pusha, quoting Pharell's words. "You do what you do, he do what he do, and that's what we do."

Yeezy has also expressed interest in being involved in the Clipse. "Kanye is like 'listen, I want to executive produce this. If you want Pharell to do the whole thing, that fine, if not I'll just be here too'."

The My Name Is My Name rapper concluded that either way, he doesn't want to do the album until the time is right. "When it comes to the Clipse though, I want me and him to understand each other... the true direction, and then we'll just go for it."

Listen to the full interview below.