G.O.O.D Music have redefined the "G.O.O.D Friday" series this year. Instead of dropping new music every Friday, Kanye's lined up the next month with several incredible releases from the camp. Last week, Pusha T dropped off his album Daytona which was received with nothing but praise. The beauty behind the record is that it's simply Pusha T and Kanye West bouncing off each other. 'Ye on the production and Push with the bars. In a recent episode of RapGenius' Verified, he explained how the album's intro came together.

Pusha T has always made sure that he spoke to the streets with his music. In a recent episode of RapGenius' "Verified," Push said that he speaks in cryptic code and often times, Kanye West asks him to clarify lyrics for him.

"I talk in cryptic code. Some people it goes right over their heads." he said, "A lot of time, I'm in there with 'Ye and he's like, "Man, what does that mean?" To other people in the street, it's like "Oh my God, he's speaking the language, he's speaking directly to me!" If you're in touch and in tune with the life, then it's gonna mean the world to you. So if you know, you know."

Push revealed how the a capella like intro came to be on "If You Know You Know."

"Me and Kanye were just in the studio. He made the beat. He felt my first four bars were super strong. He stripped the beat down and that's why you hear this amazing acapella almost, first four to eight bars, and then the track just comes in crashing."

Peep the full episode below where he breaks down the lyrics on the track.