While Pusha T only just announced the release date for his debut album, My Name Is My Name, yesterday, the rapper already has his sights on his sophomore effort. In a new interview with AskMen, the rapper reveals he already has thought of a title for his next album, and discusses putting out his new single "Numbers On The Boards" the same day as Jay-Z's "Open Letter," as well as Kanye West and "Niggas In Paris."

Pusha Ton revealed during his interview that his sophomore album title is going to be King Push, and he's planning on having zero features on it. Pusha said, "I’m really on My Name Is My Name, and then my next album after that. I already got the whole mentality of it. I see it. It’s titled King Push. I don’t even think there’s going to be anybody on King Push."

Pusha also discussed working with Kanye West, revealing the G.O.O.D. Music head honcho actually sent him the instrumental for "Niggas In Paris" first, but Pusha wasn't feeling it. "He sent me some stuff that I don’t always feel. It happens. Then he’ll go out of his way to prove you wrong. And he does sometimes…”N*gg*s in Paris," the 1/2 of Clipse revealed. He said of not grabbing the beat, "You have to have that imagination sometime, and that’s something I’m learning. I’m so ready to rap and stuff that imagination don’t be kicking in."

Pusha goes on to discuss confirmed artists on My Name Is My Name, including Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Future, Kanye West and 2 Chainz. Read the full interview here.

Cop My Name Is My Name on July 16th.