While visiting Hot 97 Pusha T revealed the release date for the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation album, Cruel Summer.

He also dropped a freestyle and a new joint with Swizz Beatz for Funkmaster Flex.

"August 7th. G.O.O.D. Music compilation coming August 7th," Pusha T announced.

He also commented on Lil Wayne's response to "Exodus 23:1," saying, "I was surprised actually at the whole... anybody, but Wayne specifically, answering 'Exodus.' I've never seen one record that didn't say any names cause so much of a firestorm."

He also denied that "Exodus" was about anyone in Young Money, "Why would that relate to Wayne or Drake?" But nonetheless he says "Ghoulish" was "trash."

"It was horrible. It was trash. It wasn't good," Pusha said of Weezy's diss record. He continued to say he wasn't feeling the beat either. "I didn't like that either. Let me say this. I didn't like it for that type of record. I didn't feel like, in all honesty, I haven't said anything about it because I didn't think it was good enough to respond to."