The last few weeks has seen an irregularly large number of rap leaks, with artists like Drake, Young Thug, and Rich Homie Quan finding (often early demos of) their songs made public without their permission. Recently, a Pusha T snippet titled "All American" made the rounds, and while it was being passed off as a song from the rapper's upcoming sophomore effort, King Push, Pusha has decided to dead the rumors at the source-- the KanyeToThe forums.

While Kanye's right-hand-man, Mike Dean, is known to create threads in the popular rap message board, Pusha's address was a pretty rare sighting, using an account that he had from a Q&A on the site a few years back.

In a short statement, Push dismissed the snippet as a leftover, clarifying that the record won't be making the final cut of his upcoming "masterpiece". You can read his words-- delivered with a characteristically elegant hubris --below.

My precious disciples u have been deceived. This leaked snippet "All American" has nothing to do with the masterpiece "King Push." I'm only delivering "God Level" material to my beloved children. Only organic nourishment for my children, u all shall soon feast. Be patient, I know many of your idols have let u down, I will not! Be Blessed...