Pusha T's diss track landed in the middle of his press run, which means that he's now talking about his feud with Drake interview after interview. His appearance on the Cruz show Thursday was no exception. When asked about what he predicts in terms of the back-and-forth between the two rappers, Push responded confidently. "The beef is won, what are you talking about? The beef is won with truth," he said. Though he feels there's no way Drake can come back from his latest track, he suggested that he will continue to release disses if provoked. "I'm prepared to do whatever," he said. 

Though it's been ruling the headlines, the Drake feud is not the only thing going on in Pusha's world. After releasing his new album DAYTONA last Friday, the second of 5 Kanye West-produced albums is set to arrive Thursday night. As to what fans can expect, Pusha, who also acts as the GOOD Music president, summed it up in one word. "Brilliance," he said, before elaborating on what the set of releases means for music. "I feel like people need to understand that this is a very, very big summer. We need to mark this down in history. This man has done 35 tracks for 5 different artists... and we're all releasing during this month. You guys are going to get the highest-quality taste level music."

Watch some clips from the interview above, including Pusha commenting on the 24-hour "shot clock" that social media seems to have put in place for diss tracks and his decision to ignore it.