Instagram took down the Blackface photo of Drake but that alone wasn't enough to put a halter on history's greatest hoax. Pusha T's answer "Story of Adidon" may have come a few days late for some people's liking, but it sure measured up to the task. If and when Drake claws back, innocent bystanders will become casualties of war, and there's no denying Drake has to answer for that Blackface image and a few other claims that have come to light. Charlamagne posted a clip of a call Pusha made this morning on Instagram. The Radio host quipped that he felt Pusha T was "up 2-1 in this best of 5 series." 

Charlamagne tha God was famously mentioned by Drake in "Back to Back" hearkening back to a feud which resulted in the Toronto rapper sending over 6 bottles of Dom Perignon as an armistice. Drake has not reported back to the Breakfast Club since that incident, while Pusha T has made the most of his unblemished relationship with Hot 97, especially during the promotional run for Daytona.

After dropping "Story of Adidon" last night, Pusha T phoned into the Breakfast Club to relay his additional thoughts on his feud with Drake. Charlamagne asked his guest if he would considering laying off if Drake put his arms up in defeat. Push answered that he had no interest in "bullying the situation." Pusha T suggested that Drake think hard before answering "the bigger questions" posed in his "Story of Adidon" diss, namely the Blackface incident & love child rumors he continues to deny.