This past summer some beef came up between G.O.O.D. Music and YMCMB when Pusha T dropped his diss track “Exodus 23:1” and Lil Wayne responded with his song “Ghoulish”.  The Clipse rapper has already said he does not feel there’s anything serious about the rap-beef between him and Wayne, and in a recent interview gives his views on beef, and admits that a lot of other crews are making music he appreciates. 

In an interview with UK’s SemTex, the Virginia native discusses “Exodus 23:1”, and says it was more of a comment on a lot of rappers in the game, and his main focus is making good rap music, and not getting caught up in beefing with others.  “At the end of the day, to me, it’s just about rhyming and making great records,” Pusha adds, “If it’s not about the betterment of making ill records, than it’s a lose-lose situation.”

The G.O.O.D. Music affiliate, who has a solo project with Kanye’s label coming out soon admits that he listens to other crews like YMCMB and MMG and that he can’t deny they are making quality music, “I’d be a fool to say they don’t make hot music...cause they do...right now, I got all them people in my car, all of them.”

This is a departure from most people in the current climate of hip hop who are quick to start and continue beef while refusing to acknowledge the skill of their counterparts.