In 2018, Pusha T emerged with one of the year's strongest albums in Daytona, produced in its entirety by Kanye West. Despite clocking in at a brief seven songs, many were quick to call the focused and undeniably potent project a modern classic. Between that and "The Story Of Adidon," that summer seemed to belong to Pusha T, at least in the eyes of some. And while Daytona's legacy still goes strong, eyes have since turned to Pusha's next project, whatever it ultimately comes to be.

Pusha T

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images 

Upon fielding a few fan questions on Twitter, Pusha T recently provided the mildest of updates on the music itself, though he did share deeper insight into his current artistic mindstate. When asked whether enough time had passed for Daytona to be considered a classic, Push instead took the opportunity to look forward. "That’s still in question?" he writes, implying the obvious answer at hand. "Well fuck it, who cares that was 2018...”2020 Vision Push” is unfuckwitable. On God!"

Following that, Push took a moment to address a fan questioning his perceived inactivity throughout 2020, showing little regard for the impatience at hand. "So the fuck what? You will wait on greatness like the rest..." writes Push, showcasing the unapologetic confidence that has come to be expected from the legendary lyricist. True, it doesn't exactly provide any real insight into when we can expect the Daytona follow-up, nor does it indicate any clear artistic direction we might see Pusha taking. Yet given how he essentially elevated his current output well beyond his 2018 material, the sky is the limit.