According to Page Six, King Push is done talking about his beef with Drake, even though his feelings on the issue remain slightly ajar. Their feud was thrust back into the spotlight. It all occurred last week when Pusha T was unceremoniously met with soda water by audience members at his Toronto concert.

As you may recall, retribution was inevitably served with a cold blade. Needless to say, Drake was probably not involved in the encounter, but that doesn't change the fact that an overwhelming anti-Pusha T sentiment exists in Toronto, of its own free will. We should be mindful of the difference between the cogent point of their feud, and its spillover effect. With that said, Pusha T isn't ready to address the Toronto incident, he made that abundantly clear in his conversation with Page Six this week.

"I do feel like I get the respect I deserve, totally," he said, after staking his ground and limiting the conversation to all things 'Non-Drake.' "But I do look back and think sometimes, and say, 'If I had done things differently I could be a stronger force in hip-hop.'"

Pusha would go to address the curious nature of his split from brother No Malice. He believes The Clipse partnership ended for a reason: in order to preserve its legacy several years down the line.

"There’s a ton of things I could’ve done differently. I’ve had a couple label hiccups in the past, where we tried to get out of the label who had us on hiatus for four years. Within that time, we started a mixtape series. But if we had just kept feeding our fan base . . . the sound might be a bit more universal and commercial," he added.

Pusha T will inevitably address the Toronto incident when he deems it necessary.