With some big projects in the works for 2013, Pusha T is gearing up to drop is solo LP My Name Is My Name, and before that is treating fans to a mixtapeWraith Of Caine.  Now King Push is teasing fans with cover art for a track featuring him and Rick Ross.

The track, which looks as if it will be featured on Wraith Of Caine is called “Millions”, and the Clipse rapper posted the art on Instagram along  with a message, “When I drop music, I aim to make u muthafuckas cry!! My true fans/family know I strive for perfection. If Def Jam is waiting on my album, what the fuck makes u think u aint gonna wait on this mixtape? It's like when a women/man is a virgin, if u love that bitch/nigga U WILL WAIT!! Wrath of Caine... @stevenvictorquit going back and forth abt which version we should use...DROP BOTH THEM HOES!! I don't give a fuck!! Save the critical analysis for "My Name is My Name.”

The Virginia rapper then tweeted at an employee of Def Jam, asking him to release a copy of the track, and saying fans want to hear this new music, “I bet @StevenVictor is somewhere waiting on clean versions and a mastered copy...UTHINK THESE MUTHAFUCKAS CARE ABT A MASTERED COPY!!” 

Pusha Ton then tweeted at Joie Manda, President of Def Jam to “just let me keep these streets hot!!”  It appears fans will get a taste of this massive single once Pusha gets his hands on a finished copy.