"Will there be an album in 2019?" asks Ebro, getting straight to the point. After all, such is Pusha T's way - no-nonsense and brutal honesty. The Daytona rapper, opening up in the midst of his new single release on Beats 1, flashes a knowing smile. "That's what I'm in here now cooking up," says Pusha, insinuating that he's in the middle of a studio. "Will it be an entire Kanye West production?" asks Ebro. "As it stands right now it is," confirms Push, picking up where last year's Daytona left off. 

 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"How many records are you sitting on right now?" inquires Ebro; gotta give it to the man, he's asking all the right questions. "Like, nine," reveals the refreshingly talkative Pusha, eager to please despite his own admitted sociopathic tendencies. "I'm good," says Pusha, "I'm just, you know..." Ebro hits him with the say no more - "are you waiting to see what other people's plays are?"

"Listen man, I'm waiting on nothing," replies Pusha T. "I'm chilling. I'm making my album and I'm doing what I do over here." Though it's nothing concrete per se, the idea that 2019 might bring forth a new Pusha T album with only further cement 2019 as one for the books. Be sure to check out Pusha's Lauryn Hill-assisted latest single "Coming Home" now (perhaps one of the aforementioned nine) and sound off below. Are you excited for some new music from King Push?