Pusha T is launching the hype train for My Name Is My Name. He's already started calling it "album of the year", and continued to brag about the project in his most recent interview with Vibe. On top of now calling it the "best-produced album," Pusha also let go of a very strange detail-- Joaquin Phoenix will be providing a beat for the project (yes, THAT Joaquin Phoenix).

Pusha explained that the reason for MNIMN's delay was mainly about some new production he received from Kanye. "There wasn't much I had to go back and tweak, but he did give me new beats." he said. "When I turned it in in June, he probably gave me about 2 or 3 new beats. One of the beats was from Joaquin Phoenix." Apparently the actor's production was so great, Push is looking to open his debut with it. "I want it to be the intro to my album." he said.

This wouldn't be the first time Joaquin has dabbled in rap, but judging by Push's excitement over the beat, this is no elaborate prank. "When I heard it I knew it was mine!" he revealed of Phoenix's instrumental. "I was like 'Listen, I hope you're not playing this for me just to show me how good this beat is.' Then of course, I ended up with it."

On the whole, Pusha is very confident in the beatwork on the new project. "There's no production in the world that is better than this album right now," he declared. "Let's be real, My Name Is My Name is the best produced album."

Watch the full interview below.