You may have heard Pusha T's track, "Sociopath" that was produced by Kanye West. One part, in particular, has gone viral -- and no, it hasn't nothing to do with Drake's secret child. Push cuts to an audio clip where he explains what charcuterie is to 'Ye. "Man, it's, it's when you go to your hotel room and they got the cheese and the fucking pepperoni sliced on a little wood board, waiting on you," Push tells 'Ye. Now, you'd think someone like Kanye, who's married into the Kardashian family and frequently spotted among the elite high-end, would know what this is. According to Push, we really all witnessed Kanye learning about charcuterie for the first time.

Rolling Stone recently got the scoop on the pair of songs Push unleashed this week but they made sure to find out where the charcuterie bit came from in "Sociopath." Push explained that all sessions between himself and Ye are recorded in its entirety, and thankfully, they manage to capture some spontaneous moments that add texture to their music. 

We basically record everything when we’re in the studio. That was one of those amazing quirky Kanye West moments. I’ve spoken to the fact that a lot of times when I’m rapping, and when I’m rapping on his production I’ll say things that he won’t necessarily know the angle from which I’m coming from or understand what I’m talking about. And this one particular time he just asked. He’s just like “Hey man, what’s charcuteries?” We happened to catch it on tape. He was like “Oh man, you know what? That has to go in the song. They have to know what happens in the studio.” He edited it and just put it right in the song. That’s why it sounds a little airy. It sounds like speakerphone audio, because we took it directly from the sound of the actual taping of the sessions.

Push has previously explained that Kanye's needed some explanation behind his "cryptic" bars while the two locked in studio time in Wyoming for the Daytona sessions. 

"A lot of time, I'm in there with 'Ye and he's like, "Man, what does that mean?" To other people in the street, it's like "Oh my God, he's speaking the language, he's speaking directly to me!" If you're in touch and in tune with the life, then it's gonna mean the world to you. So if you know, you know."

Rich Fury/Getty Images