Lots of rappers are chipping in to help out with the Flint water crisis. Jon Connor raised awareness with the fiery bars of "Fresh Water For Flint"; The Game went so far as to post a screencap of his bank transfer to prove that he wasn't lying about his (massive) donation. According to Michigan Live, Pusha T made a donation of his own -- and didn't want anyone to know about it.

The G.O.O.D. Music president helped Partners in the Community, a Virginia-based organization, send 2,000 cases of bottled water, enough to fill two semi-truck trailers.

Lakeesha Atkinson, who started the initiative, said that Pusha initially didn't want the news to get leaked.

"He's very humble," she said. "He doesn't do anything for recognition or for the spotlight."

Pusha T sponsored one of the trucks, while other members of the Virginia community chipped in to cover the rest of the costs. Big ups to Pusha, Atkinson, and everyone involved in the effort.