Colin Kaepernick has become an important figure as he continues to protest for the rights of black men and women in America, working as an activist with Black Lives Matter. The backlash against Kaepernick began when he was one of the most well-known names to participate in a silent protest of the national anthem, kneeling during the song at NFL games. Now out of a job, many are lobbying for Kaep to be given equal opportunities in the league as his skills are still very much up to par with most starting quarterbacks in the league. Pusha T appears to be one of the many rappers supporting Colin's cause as he posted a photo with the QB on his Instagram.

It was reported today that Kaepernick's legal team will subpoena President Trump and others, dragging them into his collusion case against the NFL. As this news broke out, many celebrated the possibilities this could mean for CK's status next season. Taking a selfie with Kaep, Pusha T is one of the voices speaking out in support of the football player, praising him for the action he has taken thus far. Push wrote, "Not all Superheroes wear capes, or jerseys...🙏🏿 @kaepernick7." With Colin not yet having signed to any team, the free agent quarterback looks to continue fighting for his cause, speaking up for those who do not have his platform.

Do you think Kaep will end up on a team this year or will he spend another jobless year?