What one says on Twitter can one day come back and head straight for your ass with teeth bared. Such is life for Pusha T, who recently put Drake on blast over his prior use of Blackface during a photoshoot (which Drake has since issued a statement about). Doubtless, you're already up to speed on the ongoing feud between Drizzy and Pusha T, which has been a roller coaster to say the least. While Drizzy has dabbled in beef before, Pusha's "The Story Of Adidon" was his biggest challenge thus far. As Pusha's personal life is largely well guarded, many were left wondering how Drake might angle his approach.

Luckily, when one is ubiquitous as Champagne, one has access to an extensive network of volunteer private investigators; some of which may be reading this as we speak. It didn't take long for his Varys-esque web of spies to comb through Pusha's Twitter feed. Lo and behold, they managed to unearth some dirt from as far back as 2014, which have been brought to light by Hip-Hop-N-More

It would appear that Pusha previously took issue with his flight service attendant, who happened to be a black man. After experiencing what he felt to be a slight, Pusha clapped back by airing the attendant out on Twitter, hitting him with a slew of racially charged slurs. Check out the Tweets below, while they're still up - although deleting them would surely look like a sign of weakness from the current leader of the beef. Either way, it's not exactly a good look, especially given the "Adidon" cover art and Pusha's stance on that.

More on this as it unfolds.