Although Pusha T and The-Dream didn't comment on who the song "Exodus 23:1"is directed at, they did talk on how the collaboration came together in a recent interview with MTV News.

 It all started with beat from Rico, Pusha says, "It really started with this beat [from] Rico. We were like, 'Yo, Dream would just sound amazing on the record, period.' So we sent it out and it came back so quick. Dream was like, 'Man this is one of the ones,' " Pusha said. "Personally, I never thought the record was going to come back that quickly. I was in New Orleans somewhere and Rico was like, 'Aye! Dream did it — he on the phone!' I thought, 'OK, wait a minute this might really be something.' "

Pusha continued to explain how working with the-Dream helps him in all aspects of song structure. "Musicality, to me in general, is missing, but [Dream] is a musician, he's a fundamentalist. I've really taken on the student role," Pusha explained. "I feel like I'm in with the best of the best. You've got Dream on one end, you've got Kanye on another end, and you can learn so much. I really look at myself as just a rapper's rapper, but I've learned so much about song structure from Dream."

On Pusha T, The-Dream said, "I always personally felt like he was one of the best at what he did, period.[There's] lots of guys that are great from a rap standpoint, but in songs they're not as great. Sometimes [you need to say], 'Hey, move this part here and this is your hook,' or 'Let's write about this, or let's tap that emotion and let's not rap past the emotion of where it is.' "

Watch the video from MTV below.

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