PUMA has hit Forever 21 with a design patent, trade dress, and copyright infringement lawsuit after they released a line of sneakers that are clearly knock-offs of the wildly successful Rihanna x PUMA line.

According to the suit obtained by The Fashion Law, Forever 21 copied three of the most popular footwear designs from Rihanna’s collection in attempts to “trade on the substantial goodwill of Puma, Rihanna, and the Fenty shoes.”

In addition to the $25 "Yoki Sneakers" which are clearly Rihanna x PUMA Creeper ripoffs, Forever 21 also created replicas of Rihanna's "Fur Slide" and "Bow Slide" sandals.

For example,

According to The Fashion Law, PUMA claims,

“In an attempt to ride the coattails of Puma’s substantial investment in and success with the Fenty Shoes, [Forever 21] is using the Fenty Trade Dress to offer for sale, distribute, market, and/or sell competing shoes that are confusingly similar to the Fenty Shoes. As reflected in side-by-side comparisons, [Forever 21’s] infringing shoes are confusingly similar to the Fenty Trade Dress.”

You can read the full article about the PUMA vs Forever 21 lawsuit right here.