Coming on the heels of Puma's "Sonic The Hedgehog" and "Doctor Eggman" sneaker releases, comes two more video game inspired Puma RS-0 designs, the "Game Error" and "Game Restart." These two iterations are inspired by the retro gaming world of 1990’s video games and arcade coloring.

The RS-0 "Game Error" has pops of hot pink, teal green and deep purple along the shoes upper and toe. On the sole is a black and white digitized coding pattern emulating an “error” screen when playing video games. The black formstrip is outlined in a teal pixelated graphic.

RS-0 "Game Restart" takes after the local arcade with lime green, teal green and white highlights along the upper, toe and heel. The focus is a black and white static pattern that overtakes the upper, inspired by the restart glitch screen within 90’s games.

Both pairs feature the R-System logo present on the tongue and outsole. Each is priced at $120.00 and will be available on June 28th (Error) and July 13th (Restart) at, PUMA Lab Powered by Foot Locker and Shoe Palace.