PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is Fortnite's biggest competitor. The battle royale styled game was barely released before Fortnite, although Epic Games' title is far more popular. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, nicknamed PUBG for short, is a very similar game. Players are are lifted to an island where they must battle to the death to remain as the last squad alive. The main difference between the two titles in the realism. While Fortnite is a cartoonish experience with items like dancing grenades and portable forts, PUBG is more of a realistic shooter that plays more like Battlefield of Call of Duty. There is no building element, the main level is massive and includes several vehicles, and the guns are customizable with scopes and other attachments in PUBG. The creators of the game, the PUBG Corporationannounced this week that they have reached over 400 million total players worldwide across all platforms to date.

In celebration of this accomplishment, PUBG will be available for $20 on Steam for a limited time starting onTuesday. The sale ends July 5. PUBG Corp. also announced that the game’s newest map, Sanhok, launches on June 22. The new smaller map is based on areas in South East Asia, which will be a wild turn from the Russian setting of the first map.