The internet world mourned in October when Twitter announced it would be shutting down in 2017. That time has come, with the Vine team announcing via a blog post yesterday that the app would become the Vine Camera and all its social media capabilities would be shutting down. Today, January 17, is the shutdown day.

As part of the switchover, Vine is allowing you to download all the vines you’ve uploaded over your storied (or not-so-storied) social media career. However, today is the last day to do that. The Vine Camera will still be able to create six-second looping videos, but you’ll have to share them directly to Twitter or save them to you phone.

Vine has also made it easier for you to follow all the same accounts on Twitter that you do on Vine. Just log into the app and it will ask you whether you want to follow the same people on Twitter.

We aren’t sure exactly what time the app will transition to the Vine Camera, but we recommend getting on it ASAP.