The protests against systemic racism and police brutality continue to take place across the United States, Canada, and several other supportive countries. Despite an increasingly violent and occasionally brutal police presence, one that happens to be spurred on by President Donald Trump, thousands remain dedicated to the cause, putting their bodies on the line despite the risk; it's a testament to the importance of the cause.


Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Throughout many states, curfews have been put in place to ensure that protests don't stretch into the night, though in some cases police have physically made retreat impossible. That hasn't stopped protestors from getting creative, turning to hip-hop to send a simple yet effective message. Video footage shared by On Generation Music reveals a police barricade made up of dozens of officers, which appears to be blocking a large crowd of protesters. Unable to move, the crowd looked to the wisdom of Ludacris for inspiration.

Before long, police were forced to contend with a raucous chant of "Move bitch, get out the way," a familiar chorus for any self-respecting hip-hop fan. Though it did not appear to serve its intended purpose, it remains a powerful moment all the same, further intersection between rap music and social justice. As of now, Ludacris has yet to acknowledge the chant.