Artists have been known to bail on performances for a litany of reasons, sometimes personal, sometimes financial, sometimes because they flat out don't feel up to performing.  In Angola, artists deciding on a whim that they will not perform does not fly.  Nas was scheduled to perform in Angola last New Year's and did not show, and as a result the promoter for the show was kidnapped at gunpoint.  He is now suing Nas for $10 million for failing to show, and putting his life in danger. 

Nasir failed to show, although he was paid $300,000 for the scheduled performance.  The promoter, Patrick Allocco, was kidnapped, and says he was held hostage for 50 days by what are described as "henchman" who wanted their money back.  Now, nearly a year after being released, at which time he says he was beaten and psychologically tortured, Allocco is suing the NY artist for a cool $10 million, as reported by TMZ.

Further to his claim, the promoter says that while held captive in Angola he was unable to do business and as a result lost his home and business.  He feels the blame is solely on Nas for failing to show and perform.