In 2012, Ryan Leslie's laptop was reported stolen and he offered a $1 million reward to the person who returned it. Armin Augstein put the laptop back in the hands of Ryan, but he didn't receive the reward he was promised. Armin won a $1.18 million judgment against the producer and according to The Blast, he's still waiting on his money. 

Ryan filed for bankruptcy in 2013 so all of Ryan's music royalties were assigned to Armin - Ryan's biggest creditor. The publication reports that Ryan may be hiding some of the royalty money that rightfully belongs to Armin. On July 19th, Ryan's trustee revealed documents that showed he received $14,000 in his company's bank account after Ryan claimed the account was closed a long time ago. 

The trustee is demanding the court to get access to the account and prove if Ryan is regularly receiving money that should be going to Armin. A request for other bank statements is being asked to be put forward. “It seems clear that Leslie has not cooperated, and will not cooperate," Armin stated in documents. 

The judge has yet to rule.