Another celebrity's Hollywood home was broken into this weekend. Super producer Poo Bear received a surprise for his birthday that wasn't very pleasant. As reported by TMZ, burglars were able to lift $1 million of jewelry from Poo Bear's home while he was away celebrating his birthday. The media site reports that the robbery was discovered on Friday. One of Poo Bear's staffers realized that a window was broken, and after further investigation, found that the producer's entire safe was jacked from the home. The safe was said to contain the jewelry estimated at $1 million. 

Poo Bear posted a picture of himself celebrating his birthday in Japan not long before the robbery was discovered. The robbery appears to be well-orchestrated since the thieves knew when he would be gone and where the safe was. They were also aware enough to take the entire safe rather than try to crack it at the Hollywood Hills home. It hasn't been discerned yet whether the thieves took anything else. Poo Bear is famous for his work with Usher ("Caught Up"), Chris Brown ("I Can Transform Ya"), 112 ("Peaches & Cream"), Lupe Fiasco ("Bitch Bad"), DJ Khaled ("I'm the One") and Justin Bieber, who he started working exclusively with in 2013.