For those who have had enough of 2017 and want to put it firmly in the rearview mirror, there's some good news: more amazing hip-hop music is almost certainly on the horizon. In particular, you've got some big projects rumored to be coming from Kanye West and other big names and, if you put stock in a recent Instagram post from producer Mike Dean, those releases could drop sooner rather than later.

Late last night, Dean uploaded a photo to the social media platform that gave fans a glimpse inside one of his in-progress mixing sessions. The talented producer didn't drop any names or reveal at what stage any of the projects were, but his caption did suggest that his current to-do list could represent "any of the 3 albums I'm mixing this month."

While this isn't much of a clue or anything, it adds to bits and pieces of other stories we've heard murmurs about over the last little while. About a week or so ago, we reported on another Instagram post of Dean's that revealed he was working on Kanye's upcoming album (which still has no release date), Travis Scott and Quavo's joint project and some new material from Desiigner. No other details are known about those individual LPs at this time, but the anticipation will only grow with Mike's most recent social media update.

Which of those projects are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.