Prodigy was always working on the next unique project.

In an interview with Complex, music journalist Kathy Iandoli, who helped Prodigy on his book Commissary Kitchen revealed some interesting details about Prodigy's latest project. Prodigy had been planning an off-Broadway type musical examining how the idea of the Illuminati in hip-hop has influenced our view of the music,

"The one thing we were planning on doing was a musical about the Illuminati and how the obsession with the Illuminati infiltrated people’s opinions of hip-hop. We were initially going to do an interactive type of musical with a company that runs The Illuminati Ball, but then we decided to take our idea to an off-Broadway situation. Tell a story with a very specific beginning, middle, and end. But [the story] began with prison; it was semi-autobiographical. Many people would call him a conspiracy theorist, but a lot of what he thought wasn’t rooted in completely distrusting everything. [He was interested in] how people absorb information and what they do with that information."

The interview is more than that however as she discusses her relationship with Prodigy and the man behind the ideas. Rest easy Prodigy.