With the fake beef between Prodigy and Havoc over, Prodigy announces that Mobb Deep will be releasing a new album, after P's H.N.I.F.C. 3 drops.

 While on MTV's RapFix Live, Prodigy said that Mobb Deep is doing well, 

"The Mobb is good, we're working on the next album still, steadily, making it hot," he continued, "But in the meantime we're gonna put out some product for right now. The Mobb Deep album is not where we want it to be yet, so we've just gotta do something in the meantime."

Prodigy says H.N.I.F.C. 3 should be dropping on July 3rd, before the Mobb Deep album, thanks to the flexibility the duo has with Sony's RED label.

"We've got a distribution deal over at Sony RED, so basically we run our own label, we run the company, we've gotta do everything ourselves," he explained. "We make the release schedule, it's up to us what comes out first and if we want to change something, we change it. We've got a lot of control with this situation — it's like the best situation that you could ever be in, as far as [being] an artist and making music, this is great for us."