The Mobb Deep member says he has two books coming out, and wants people to know that everything in the books is about his own life “misconception was I wasn’t talking about my life...all of that was me”.  His next book will be about his post-prison experience, “[my] transition from prison to the streets”. 

When asked point blank about rumors of him beefing with Havoc, the other half of Mobb Deep, Prodigy was insistent that all is well with the Queen’s duo “let me tell’s bogus, me and Hav, we tight” and he revealed “we’re working on the next Mobb Deep album”.  The Breakfast Club pushed that they heard the beef between the two was over money, but again Prod rejected that “I’ll tell you right now it’s never about money”.  He continued “when I put out a solo album it always comes out that Prodigy is leaving Mobb Deep”.  He also reveals that they have a distribution deal in place with Sony, and plan to release a record together when they feel the product is ready. 

Then the topic about a tweet sent from Havoc’s supposed “hacked” Twitter account was brought up. They asked if Prodigy was raped while in prison, and he responded “negative, that never happened in jail”.  Prodigy says when he heard these rumors he was not even mad because they were so absurd to him “that was just hilarious to me”.

The Breakfast Club pressed on  with some other rumors, such as the one about Prodigy looking to hook up with Rihanna, and the two exchanging messages on Twitter.  Prodigy said he was never planning on leaving his girlfriend at the time for Rihanna, and added “I wish...I mean, it’s Rihanna”.

Prodigy said he hooked up with T.I. to make music together, while the two were both incarcerated, “me and TIP was in communication when we both locked up”, and that although he isn’t officially with G-Unit anymore he’s still close with 50 Cent .   

H.N.I.C. III is available now. Check out the single "Co Pilot" featuring Wiz Khalifahere, and full video of the interview below.