Prodigy's legacy throughout the hip-hop world was an admired one, but according to one of his kids, not many people got to see all sides of the rapper.

Posting to the artist's official Instagram account, a vintage home video of Prodigy was shared for his fans to see. Believed to be his daughter's decision to upload, the video shows her and her dad leisurely riding through the side streets of Los Angeles on their bikes, with Prodigy's little girl capturing the moment on a camcorder. The video was captioned with, "You have such a beautiful soul & it saddens me that there is so many people who will never get the chance to meet , experience AND appreciate this side of you . I love you dad & you will forever be a blessing to this world and to my heart . Thank you ...we miss you . ❤️"

Havoc also sent his love to Prodigy, taking the stage solo for the first time since his rap partner's passing.