Wiz Khalifa's upcoming album, titled "O.N.I.F.C."  meaning "Only Nigga In First Class," takes its inspiration from Prodigy's solo debut called, "H.N.I.F.C."  ("Head Nigga In Charge").

Prodigy has no problem with Wiz's  title, he told MTV News,

"Yeah, I heard about the Wiz Khalifa project coming out. I forgot the exact name of what he called it, but I read an article that he got the idea of doing that from my H.N.I.C. projects that I put out," said Prodigy.

"That's all love. I love Wiz Khalifa, I love his music. I ain't mad at ya, dog," Prodigy indicated an interest in collaborating with Wiz, saying, "Let's do something together. Let's do a song or something. Let's do a tour or something. I got ya back, dun."