Problem Plans His Hip-Hop Domination In "About That Time" Visuals

Karlton Jahmal
December 04, 2018 01:21

It's about that time.

Problem dropped off his S2 project last week, and he's wasting no time diving into the visual realm for "About That Time." The Compton rapper's project was packed with features, but he opted to highlight solo venture. Album openers rarely get music videos, but Problem isn't your typical lyricist. "About That Time" is a cocksure anthem where Problem drops slick bars and street knowledge, and he walks through his native state to help illustrate his words. 

Problem is on the song solo, so he continues on his visual journey alone as well. There are no backup dancers or mob of homies. Instead, Problem allows the sprawling streets and rolling hills of Los Angeles to shine as the backdrop for "About That Time." The video begins during that majestic looking twilight hour, but ends in the dampeningly dark night. While the video itself does feel monotonous at points, the track keeps the interest high. 

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MUSIC VIDEOS Problem Plans His Hip-Hop Domination In "About That Time" Visuals