In BET's "Rate The Bars," we've certainly seen our fair share of generosity. Five on fives have been handed out with reckless abandon; even so, it's always interesting to see which lyrical qualities are valued by different rappers. Today, Compton rapper Problem is the latest rapper to roll through for some analysis. As his name might suggest, he takes issue with many of the offerings, letting it be known from the jump that a five out of five is nigh unobtainable. As a result, several prominent names are taken through the ringer. 

Unfortunately, Ab-Soul may have been done the dirtiest. Citing bars from his Control System standout "Track 2," Problem seems to enjoy the word-play, but not much else. He ends up hitting Solo with a two out of five. Fellow TDE rapper ScHoolboy Q fares a little better, and his overtly gangster "Dope Dealer" bars paint an intense picture of the Blank Face artist. "That's tough right there," says Problem. "That's two bitches and they holding the strap? And a knife with him? This n***a tough! Let's give him a three just cause I don't want this n***a to come after me." 

He seems to enjoy Snoop Dogg's bars from the scathing Suge Knight diss "Pimp Slapp'd." "That's right kids! I fuck with that!" exclaims Problem, hitting Snoop with the four out of five. Can you blame him? Snoop went after Suge at a time when few rappers dared challenge the mogul. For more of Problem's insight, peep the video below.