The world of gaming can be a lucrative endeavour for corporations and players alike. The streaming craze has all but faded, as viewers en masse routinely tune in to watch a particularly skilled participant maneuver through a video game's immersive landscape in the name of victory. 

Tyler "Ninja" Blevin has recently been making headlines after both Drake and Travis Scott joined the enthusiastic gamer during a live Fortnite Twitch stream. However, the most intriguing news story comes via an interview with CNBC, which saw Blevin detail his meteoric rise in the gaming realm, and how fruitful a career within the industry can be. Ninja reveals that he earns nearly $500,000 USD a month through live streaming his advanced skills at conquering any obstacle in Fortnite.

Blevin admits that a bevy of his monthly income comes from Twitch and Amazon Prime subscribers, alongside his abundance of followers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. 

The gaming guru admits that "Twitch Prime allows people to claim loot and collect loot with specific games, and they recently did a deal with Fortnite, which is the hottest game right now, and that is actually one of the main reasons of influx of subscribers to my stream."

Additionally, Blevin details his humble beginnings pre-streaming notoriety, while also giving a word of advice to prospective gamers. "I maintained my job that I was working, at Noodles and Company, and I stayed in college while I was doing all these things. I continued to do well in school and focused on the future of my life, as well as working on streaming and competing in Halo. All the kids out there, you can’t just drop everything and focus on playing video games for a living. It’s also becoming a very competitive career choice right now, and you want to make sure you’re securing your future and putting in the extra time to try to make this happen as well."