Some women say that they want a man who knows what he wants. A man that is committed to his dreams, and will do anything to get there. Well, "The World's Sexiest Weathergirl" Yanet Garcia is learning the hard way that sometimes, that means leaving a relationship behind. Pro-gamer FaZe Censor (real name Douglas Martin) has been dating Garcia for three years, and the couple became famous on the internet for being super attractive and personable. The couple went well together, with Garcia pursuing a modeling career on the side while Martin chased his dreams of being a world champion Call of Duty player. In a video the pro-gamer posted to Youtube, he very publicly (and somewhat insensitively), decided to break things off with the 27-year-old Mexican meteorologist.

"If any of you guys don't know, Yanet is obviously one of the most beautiful women in the world," explains Douglas in the video. "For now, all I want in my life at this very moment is to compete in Call of Duty, because I love it so much. I really love competing, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to be a champion." Douglas goes on to state that Yanet works non-stop in Mexico as a meteorologist, and their busy schedules don't really link up. 

Yanet took to Twitter to vent about the breakup, posting a tweet that read, "Heartbroken 💔😞."