If you're tired of eating a real turkey dinner every year on thanksgiving, Pringles has your back. The chip company that pioneered the use of unexpected chip flavours like "pizza," has taken it up a notch with a limited-edition run of thanksgiving flavours. There will be "oven-roasted turkey,"  "herb-lace stuffing" and "spiced pumpkin pie." They come in a three pack of small-sized cans that amount to about one normal can of Pringles and look like cans of soup or packages of bouillon cubes . The three pack costs $14.99. 

Last year Pringles also made special thanksgiving flavours (8 of them, including cranberry sauce and green bean casserole), but they weren't available to the public, only to an exclusive few. Some of these lucky people documented their experience for us regular civilians to read. 

This year, all you have to do is go to the website of Pringles' parent company, Kellogg's, and order the pack straight to your door. They go on sale on November sixth at 11:59pm EST. The Kellogg's shop also stocks Pringles socks. 

The use of the limited edition, topical "drop" style release is confusing for a brand like "Pringles," that is selling potato chips. Maybe, though, we can look forward to a future where teenagers line up outside the Manhattan brick-and-mortar outpost of Pringles, waiting for the new Pringles drop, only to sell their purchases online at double the price. 

Watch the ad for last year's 8-chip run: