While Ray J was expecting a child with wife Princess Love, there was still much drama behind the scenes to uncover. In a new snippet to preview the upcoming episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, the couple were in the middle of celebrating a joyous occasion at the gender reveal party for their then-unborn daughter Melody when they were forced to face Ray J’s mother Sonja and older sister Brandy over Princess’s methods in dealing with familial issues.

Ray J’s mother and sister have previously taken issue with Princess’s choice to make public her marital issues on social media, accusing him of cheating after Ray reportedly took off from his pregnant wife for six days. By their standards, such topics should remain private for the sake of the family.

At the party in question, Ray J attempted to get the mother-to be to apologize to his family for her actions, but her response was to laugh at the request instead.

Naturally, an argument ensued with Sonja walking away after telling her daughter-in-law that she wasn’t “raised right,” leaving Brandy to attempt to smooth things over.

According to Princess, however, her sister-in-law’s peaceful ways are all for show as she makes reference to the famed singer’s notoriety in the realm of social media clapbacks. Of course, this leaves those still interested in the drama with no choice but to stay tuned for the next episode of the television series.