Last Friday, it was reported that Sinead O'Connor, an Irish musician who had a working relationship with Prince before he died, had made statements to the police that Prince was known to abuse hard drugs and physically abuse women.  

The investigation into Prince's death has since closed, and many materials from the investigation have been made public, including the interview with O'Connor. At the time, she stated, "When he would come out of the room he would be very violent, very aggressive. His eyeballs would disappear, literally, from his eyes, as if they vanished. He tried to beat the shit out of me, I managed to escape out of his house in the middle of the night. He had me locked in the house, getting ready to beat the shit out of me because he had gone upstairs and taken some kind of weird drug. When he came back down he was very violent and the eyeballs were disappearing and I’m scared shitless."

According to TMZ, Mayte Garcia, who was married to Prince from 1996 to 2000, disputes these claims, saying that she never once saw Prince exhibit that kind of behavior. She told TMZ that Prince never once exhibited any sort of abusive relationship towards her, and that she never saw him use any hard drugs. She also doubts the extent of Prince and O'Connor's relationship, stating that it's unlikely O'Connor would know more than she did. 

She was also surprised, as everyone was, at Prince's possession of counterfeit Vicodin pills after his death.