Airing on BBC Radio 4's Today this past week, Prince Harry engages in a light-hearted interview with Barack Obama taped during the Invictus Games back in September. The two sat down together to speak about the former president's preferences in a series of questions that are both amusing and telling, ranging from Obama's choice of television show, to his favourite athlete. 

Speaking of TV, Obama admits that he prefers Rachel over Monica from Friends. Prince Harry also asked whether he preferred The Good Wife or Suits, with Obama choosing the latter, prompting Harry to respond by saying "Great answer." This may have been a conscious choice, as Meghan Markle, the prince's girlfriend at the time, stars as the longtime love interest of one of the show's lead characters; the pair have since become engaged

The two then move on to speaking about sports, with the royal asking Obama whether he is more partial towards LeBron James or Michael Jordan. Obama admits that while he loves LeBron, he's ultimately "a Chicago guy," clearly choosing Jordan in the end. 

Prince Harry even tried to coax out of the former president whether he wears boxers of briefs, but the ever-diplomatic Obama responded "Sorry, we don't answer those questions."

Finally, when asked what he misses most about the White House, Obama simply responded the "Cinema. We call it a movie theatre but that's fine."