Are people sleeping on Pretty Ricky's legacy? There have been several conversations regarding Mt. Rushmore's, greatest of all time lists, and who-should-face-off-with-whom on Verzuz, and Spectacular believes that his group deserves more respect. The Miami R&B-Hip Hop group burst onto the scene in the early 2000s with their classic hit "Grind With Me," later making waves with other favorites including "Your Body" and "On The Hotline."

They even stormed the Millennium Tour stages back in 2019 alongside artists like B2K, Mario, the Ying Yang Twins, and Lloyd. While fans haven't ceased in expressing love for Pretty Ricky, Spectacular took to Instagram to get a few things off of his chest. "The industry never gave us our flowers," he began.

Pretty Ricky, Spectacular
Scott Gries / Staff / Getty Images

"We were the first to do a whole r&b and rap album," wrote Spectacular. "We were the first to have three rappers and one singer in a group. We were the first to formate a song with rapping verses, singing hooks with multiple rappers. We were the first to make it cool for guys to eat the box. We were the first to make a girl take their granny panties off and put a thong on. We were the first to put 808 bass on every record. We were the first group to have a #1 album on the r&b and rap charts at the same time for five consecutive weeks. We were the first to make it cool to grind on each other."

He listed off other arguable firsts, including playing their catalog from front to back without skipping and making lanes for sex-oriented music. "We were the first group that helps you get popping in the bedroom. We were the first group that had you grinding on each other on the floor, chairs, walls, and dance floors at parties and clubs," he added. "We made it cool to be sexy and express yourself sexually. We got banned from radio stations because our lyrics were too dirty, we paved the way for all new artists making sexual music."

Regardless of the lack of flowers that Spectacular believes they deserve, he claimed that the group knows their impact. "I haven't seen another band come close to us yet, respectfully." Do you agree with Spectacular? Check out his post in full below.