Earlier this month, we reported on the case that was building against Pretty Ricky singer Baby Blue. According to reports, Blue is scheduled to plead guilty in the COVID-19 PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan case where he's accused of defrauding the government by using the funds for personal purchases. For the first time, Baby Bule is addressing the accusations against him and it sounds as if he's suggesting he didn't intentionally set out to swindle the government.

"I’m still going thru a case and was advised by my lawyers not to talk about the case but I did want to give my friends, family, followers and fans a few words of advice in hopes of saving someone from making a bad decision knowingly or unknowingly," he wrote on Instagram.

Baby Blue, PPP Loans
Scott Gries / Staff / Getty Images

"In my opinion, the best way to stay safe from everything going on surrounding these PPP Loans is just stay away from them," he continued. "Don’t discuss them with anyone. Don’t give anyone your information. Don’t attempt to do it yourself. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. You can repair your credit and get a conventional loan from your local bank. Don’t get caught up in this PPP thing because it’s not worth it."

In a text image, he added, "If anyone approaches you with an offer for a PPP Loan, simply tell them... NO THANKYOU! Don't even have the conversation. It's not worth it. Walk away and keep your freedom. Ignorance is not a legal defense and when you're standing infront of a judge & jury, you won't be able to say 'I didn't know'."

He told readers not to risk it and if they already have a PPP Loan, just give back the money if it isn't intended for payroll. Uncle Sam isn't playing around about his ends. Read through Baby Blue's message in full below.