In a historic turn, Donald Trump found himself joining Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson as the third United States President to be Impeached. The decision was reached yesterday, on December 18th, after a vote of 230 in favor beat out 197 against. While many deemed the decision to be a win for the Constitution, others warned of the ramifications it might have on democracy as a whole. For the most part, however, the left-leaning Twitter-folks seemed content to revel in the President's seething rage, firing off no shortage of memes at his expense.

 Win McNamee/Getty Images

As a man deeply concerned with his legacy, it's no surprise that the whole thing isn't sitting well with the President. In fact, it's clear that his rage meter is reaching BIG MAD levels, if his recent Twitter behavior is any indication. For one, he slammed the CAPS LOCK key and cried out "PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT." Nothing more, nothing less, take it however you will. 

There are clearly many Trump supporters who will feel some type of way about the way it all went down. Especially given that the Impeachment is unlikely to lead to his removal from office, should it even come to that. But for those who stand against what he represents, the process feels like a victory all the same -- one that will almost certainly ramp up the intensity for the upcoming 2020 elections. Where do you stand?