Preme - formerly known as P. Reign - may be recognized as the man who runs in Drake's crew, but he doesn't want to be that guy anymore. In a recent interview with XXL, Preme admits that he hasn't released a single with Drake because he wants to hold his own weight and not " be remembered for being that guy's friend."

Preme isn't even signed to OVO, he recently dropped his latest album Light of Day with Reps Up that was simply named due to the fact that it's finally seeing the light. "I've been wanting to drop this project for years now. Light of Day is something that's fuckin' evolved 20 times," he said. "I didn't really even have a name for it back then, but the project's been done. We changed records, moved things around. Times change and the wave changes."

The "DnF" artist calls PartyNextDoor a genius and someone who inspires him the most. "He pushes you. Doesn't matter who he's in the room with. I've seen the guy in the room with the biggest and tell them do it again. "Do it again, do it again, not like that." And not give two fucks, because he really just thinking about the best quality of music."

Finally, Preme touches on what's most important to him: having fans see him in his own right. " I don't work this hard, night in and night out, to not be able to be respected and hold my own weight," he explained. "That's why I purposely haven't put out another record with Drake. OVO is family, Drake's my brother for life, that's way deeper than music. But I'm not signed to OVO. RepsUp is my own thing, that's my clique in my city."

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