This Fall, Power Plant Fitness in San Francisco will become the world's first "weed-friendly" gym.

This is how I imagine most of the exchanges in that gym, "Hey maaaan, are you using that elliptical?" "Woah. Elliptical is a crazy word, I don't think I want to f*ck with that. Peace."

According to the founder, Jim McAlpine, the gym considers marijuana as a tool for focus and recovery, and new member will take a "cannabis performance assessment" to determine the "most optimal ways to consume." 

"We will be helping our members figure out how is best for them to ingest their cannabis," McAlpine tells Tech Insider in an email.

Once the gym is open, edibles and vaping on-site will be commonplace just like pull-ups and squats. Since smoking weed inside most public venues is still illegal in San Fran, an outdoor smoking deck will be built for Power Plant members in the near future.

Naturally, the company also plans to sell their own edibles designed for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery.