As reported, Pedro Jimenez, a production assistant on 50 Cent's hit show Power, was struck by a sports utility vehicle as he set up a perimeter of pylons around the shooting location in Brooklyn, New York. Jimenez, aged 63, would eventually succumb to his injuries - believed to be caused by blunt force trauma of the aforementioned SUV.

But it hasn't stopped cast and production members to air their condolences in a public manner, starting with lead actor Omari Hardwick, and the show's producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Starz, the cable network the show falls under, has since published a statement of their own concerning Pedro's untimely passing.

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of the members of our Power family," a spokesperson for Starz said in a written statement. "Our thoughts are with Mr. Jimenez' family as we work to fully understand what has happened." Jimenez was employed to the Power set as an assistant going on 4 years. As one would expect, Jimenez' untimely death has forced the crew to abandon the production schedule until further notice. The driver behind the "unforced accident" is believed to be a coworker that worked side by side with Jimenez. Our sympathies go out to Jimenez's closest of kin, and the rest of the Power team.