A longtime production assistant was killed in an accident while working on the set of Power, on Monday morning, December 10. Pedro Jimenez was struck by an SUV, driven by another crew member, around 4:30 AM. He was setting up parking cones to delineate a Brooklyn location for the Starz series at the time.

A spokesperson for the Starz network commented on the tragedy: "We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of the members of our Power family. Our thoughts are with Mr. Jimenez’ family as we work to fully understand what has happened."

The 63-year-old parking PA was rushed to Brooklyn Hospital where he was pronounced dead by medical authorities. His family was informed of their loss immediately after this pronouncement. Jimenez had been part of the Power crew since its genesis in 2014, having worked for the very first season onward.

The Power cast members were not present during the time of the incident as they were not called to arrive until 7 AM ET.

Production for the Starz series has been shut down until further notice. The hiatus is meant to honor Jimenez and his family while also allowing time for the cast and crew to process what happened. The filming will resume on an undetermined date since time off had already been scheduled for the holidays.