For some people, fear and anxiety can be debilitating. On a daily basis, anxiety is something that many people struggle with and typically, creative minds seem to be more prone to it. With the amount of uncertainty surrounding career choices as a musician, you're taking a big risk in pursuing a profession as a producer or artist. However, once you make it, your life can be as lucrative as you've always hoped. Pouya has been on the come-up from Miami for years, proving himself as one of the better young lyricists in the game. It's surprising to hear that Pouya has never performed in Europe given his status but alas, he has finally announced his first ever European tour.

After avoiding the continent for six years, Pouya has cited his fear of flying and extreme anxiety as reasons it has taken him so long to cave and book some shows outside of North America. The rapper wrote that it was an important decision for him to visit his fans overseas that have supported him for so long. At the peak of his success after dropping Five Five earlier in the year, the Buffet Boy will be reaching several of the major cities in Europe, including Berlin, Amsterdam, and Prague.

Spending a few weeks there from late September to mid-October, tickets go on sale tomorrow for Pouya's European shows. Check out the tour schedule and let us know if you'll be headed to one of the shows.