Two of the most heavily critiqued rappers in the game are Logic and G-Eazy. Both have been labeled as corny with some fans avoiding their music altogether because of their personalities. The Netflix special Rapture documents a select number of hip-hop's talents, including both Logic and G-Eazy, and the Miami rapper took notice of their episodes. Stating his opinion on Twitter, Pouya seems to have had a revelation about Logic during his section of the mini-series while his opinion about G-Eazy seems to have remained the same.

While his talent was well-known beforehand, the release of Five Five has proven to many that Pouya is here to stay. While he remains one of the most slept-on vocalists in the game, he wasn't shy to share his thoughts on some of the other lyricists of this generation on his socials. On Logic's episode of Rapture, Pouya claims his sentiment towards the rapper has vastly changed, writing, "Just saw the logic rapture and damn dude I respect this man a lot more, we never hating on logic." Presumably watching the G-Eazy section of the series as well, the Miami artist noted that his opinion remained unaltered towards the "Me, Myself & I" spitter, harshly saying, "G eazy trash tho." 

After watching both of their episodes, how do you feel about Logic and G-Eazy's spots in hip-hop? Have your views on them changed or do you feel the same as before?